Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

                                                 The beauty of Lake Toba

                                                           Annai Velankanni

                                                           Annai Velankanni

                    We are special transportation to Annai Velangkanni who have received
                     recommendation from Fr. James Bharataputra

                     and also special transport for Samosir Villa and Resort / Samosir Cottege in
                     Tuktuk,   Grand Mutiara and Mickey Holiday Berastagi

                                     The traditional house of Batak tribe

                                                Dusk scenery at Lake Toba

                                               Landscape Simarjarunjung

                                                      Sipiso-piso waterfall

                                                 street in town Berastagi

                                                       Mount Sibayak

                                                            Mount Sinabung

The first time you look at this picture, where do you think it is located? A lot of people told me that this is in Thailand. Well, they're wrong. This is in fact, in Indonesia. I took this photo during my trip to Berastagi, North Sumatra. LUMBINI TEMPLE In Berastagi; 60 km from Medan


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